Complaint Procedure


An aggrieved student shall meet with the school Director of Operations at the earliest opportunity after the most recent incident that is the subject of the grievance.  The student should be prepared to explain to the Director of Operations all relevant facts and circumstances surrounding the complaint. The director will determine the appropriate action necessary, perform an investigation, and assist the student in the filing of a formal grievance. This procedure will be followed if an informal resolution cannot be reached through intervention.

Any written grievance shall be filed by the student and any other party in interest with the Director of Operations within ten working days after the aggrieved student's meeting with the Director of Operations. (Form available on Such grievance must contain specific factual allegations of the discriminatory practice(s) or incident(s), and a statement of the alleged basis or bases of the discrimination, which must be one or more of the following: race, color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or veteran's status.

The decision of the Director of Operations will become the final school decision on the complaint/grievance. A written reply by the Director of Operations to the student indicating the results of the meeting and including further action, if any, to be taken shall be attached to the written grievance.